Elevators / Lowerators

This energy efficient Elevator / Lowerator from Qimarox can be used to effortlessly and quickly transport a wide variety of products including boxes, cases, trays, bags or pallets, to and from any height required. Furthermore, the elevator system can be used both for ascending and descending product flow and is even suitable for use as a vertical sorter. It can be synchronized with input / output conveyors and matched with the total line speed. This low-maintenance product has an extremely small footprint.

Product Material Type Weights Capacity
Prorunner mk1 Boxes, trays, crates, or bags 100 Kg 300 per hour
Prorunner mk5 Boxes, trays, crates, or bags 50 Kg per carrier 1 carrier for 200 products per hour
Prorunner mk9 Pallets 1000 Kg 20 pallets per hour
Prorunner mk10 Pallets 2000 Kg 20 pallets per hour


  • The system is capable of online transfer.
  • Built of structures make the system versatile, easy to install and maintain.

Applications / Solutions for

  • Industries where online transfer of boxes, trays, crates, bags or pallets has to be from one floor to another.
  • Creating moving space in between lines without breaking the lines in various industries.