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End of Line Packaging Systems

The End – Of Line Packaging System is the final packing / unitizing of products into the cartons / shippers. For this applications a variety of conveyor systems are integrated to the different machines line CSM / Strapping / Check weighing etc.

Different Conveyors Systems ranging from miniumum back pressure Accumulatory Roller Conveyors, Belt Conveyors etc are integrated to Automatic Flap Closer cum Carton Sealing machine, an Automatic Strapping Machine, Check weighing system and finally an Automatic Label Dispenser & Applicator.

The software for the line integrates the machines with the conveyors to give the desired line speeds and the outputs. System consists of automatic bar code generation, scanning, transfer of bar code data and weighment details to the applicator to apply label on the cartons.

The entire system has no human intervention. The final system software is linked to the main server for compilation of production, warehousing and marketing data.

a. Online integration of all the machines with the conveyors.
b. Line speeds of upto 14 cartons per minute depending upon the type of cartons sealing machine / strapping machine etc.

Solutions for
a. Unitised products in the sectors of food / pharma / textiles / retail and other allied industries where cartons / shippers are extensively used.
b. Different levels of automated solutions are possible.
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