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Flexible Conveyors, Flexible Screw Conveyors

Flexible Screw Conveyors is a versatile product useful in places where there are space restrictions, truck loading and unloading operations. The system can be used for Cartons / Crates.

This special purpose conveyor can come in a number of stages / lengths as per the designed criteria.
Telescopic roller conveyor is in Idler Roller Conveyor with single / double and triple stages.
Flexible Roller Conveyor are available with Idler and Powered Roller Conveyor options.
Expandable / Retractable by 4:1 ratio
The systems are Mobile and mounted on wheels and can be maneuvered easily

Applications / Solutions for
Warehouse Handling
End of Line Storage Conveying
Truck Loading Unloading

flexible screw conveyorsflexible conveyor
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