Logistics & Warehouses

Vega provides a wide gamut of logistics support systems for Company’s warehouses and Third Party Logistics companies, including small regional players as well as large global providers. Typical solutions are designed to optimize the processes involved with receiving, storage, put-away, kitting, work-in-process storage, materials delivery, consolidation, and truck loading, along with the ability to handle a variety of load types: pallets, trays, cartons, totes, poly bags, and envelopes. 

  • Material Handling Solutions
  • Auto Spacers
  • Profile Checkers
  • Volumetric measurement system and weight
  • Palletizing / De-Palletizing - Gantry / Robotic / Layer Palletizers
  • Pallet Handling Solutions
  • Sortation Solutions
  • Pick to Light and Put to Light Solutions
  • Truck & Container Loaders / Unloaders