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Warehouse Handling System

Warehouses are necessary for the storage of inventory. The warehouse handling system is applied to varied sectors. This application is a combination of belt conveyors (horizontal /inclined) roller conveyors(Idler/Powered), chain conveyors etc. Seamless flow of cartons and bags from the end of packing to the warehouse.

Vega is specialized in warehousing & logistic handling systems for e.g like The High Speed Sortation & Distribution system handling 40 shippers / min with high speed mergers & diverters is functionally capable of :
a) Handling of 5 different types and dimensioned products from 5 lines.
b) Merging the 5 Lines to 1 line.
c) Check weigh of 40 randomly sized shippers / min and reject under / over weight shippers.
d) Divert 40 shippers / minute through a high speed diverter to different packing areas based on bar - coding.
e) Finally join all the shippers through a merge system to convey them to the warehouse.

Linking all the above to make it into a large coherent system is a SCADA based PLC with bar code application software generating MIS reports in terms of no. of shippers produced / type / weight / rejected / packing type etc.

a. High speed carton conveying upto 40 Shipper/min
b. Easy integration of different types of conveyors

Solutions for
a. Varied manufacturing / retail sectors of inbound and outbound warehouses.
b. Different types of cartons / products.
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